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Property Remediation
and Development

Turning toxic pollution into economic opportunity

The Summary
A former polluted military installation gets a new lease on life as a cleaned up contributor to the local business community, with help from AlterEcho’s remediation experts
The Client
The US Environmental Protection Agency and the State of California, overseeing the redevelopment of the former McClellan Air Force Base, Sacramento, CA
The Rundown
Our team has spent nearly two decades at this military base, providing remediation oversight and providing information at public meetings during the transition from active base to closure and reuse.
Our experts worked with Federal, state and local environmental agencies—including technical and legal representatives—to determine if sites could be transferred for unrestricted use, or required institutional and/or engineering controls.
Our work included: reviewing monitoring documents related to the investigation and remediation of sites involving groundwater, soil vapor extraction, soil excavation and groundwater well decommissioning.
Today, the former base is now a mixed-use business park.