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Product Alternative Assessments
and Chemical Hazard Assessments

Using scientific expertise to find safer solutions

The Summary
A leading chemicals manufacturer calls on AlterEcho to critically assess an environmentally-improved alternative packaging product
The Client
Eastman Chemical Company, Kingsport, TN—a worldwide provider of specialty and advanced materials
The Rundown
+ Seeking to allay health and toxicity concerns about phthalates (chemical plasticizers) used in packaging, Eastman developed a new phthalate-free plasticizer known as Eastman 168™, and called on AlterEcho to provide an impartial evaluation.
Our toxicological experts performed an Alternative Assessment (AA), defined by the US EPA as a chemical hazard assessment (CHA) “to inform (substance) substitution to safer alternatives and reduce the likelihood of unintended consequences.”
We performed a rigorous scientific analysis that looked at the health and environmental implications of this new plasticizer, utilizing known ‘green chemistry’ principles and a scientifically valid approach.
AlterEcho confirmed Eastman 168’s ecologically friendly profile, and its capability to eliminate more than 200,000 tons of toxic phthalates annually.