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Environmental, Health
and Safety Compliance Guidance

Delivering EH&S program structure,
content and implementation

The Summary
We provide comprehensive EH&S regulatory compliance, chemical management and sustainability support
The Client
A Midwest manufacturer with multiple industrial facilities
The Rundown
The AlterEcho team conducted facility operational audits and gap analyses completed to identify compliance, documentation and training priorities.
We designed systems to achieve and maintain key compliance milestones and required records, where none existed before.
We integrated these systems into existing and modified site operations, supply chain and maintenance programs, resulting in improved staff efficiency and information management at a time of merging departments and staff consolidation.
Among the regulatory requirements satisfied: Clean Air Act, Clean Water Act, Emergency & Hazardous Chemical Inventory, Toxic Chemical Release Inventory, Greenhouse Gas Reporting, RCRA Hazardous Waste Management, DOT Hazardous Materials Registration, Spill Prevention Countermeasures and Control, OSHA Record Keeping, OSHA Emergency Response Planning, and OSHA Emergency Preparedness.