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Cost-Effective Science
and Remediation Strategy

Cutting through the complexity to solve
environmental and financial uncertainty

The Summary
Our team steps into a complex environmental remediation process and provides a time and cost-saving path to completion.
The Client
Attorneys and insurers for a Pacific Northwest lumber company.
The Rundown
AlterEcho was brought in after discussions stalled between the lumber company and the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) over PCB releases stemming from a wood treatment plant on the Columbia River.
Our toxicologists developed and implemented a novel sediment data collection program and prepared a Supplemental Human Health Risk Assessment which was approved and fast-tracked by Oregon DEQ.
AlterEcho’s findings provided Oregon DEQ with high confidence to support a risk management decision regarding residual risks that allowed sediments to remain in place.
The complete timeline for this project was only six months, and avoided an estimated cleanup cost or more than $5 million over several years.