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Brownfields Restoration
and Development

Affordable Housing Development
Oakland, California

The Summary
We provide technical expertise, community outreach and support to help turn a former industrial Brownfield into 28 single-family homes for low-income families in a sustainable manner.
The Client
Habitat for Humanity East Bay (HHEB)
The Rundown
Evaluate the property to determine if any hazardous materials exist on-site and identify environmental risks and redevelopment options.
Develop a strategic response plan for the safe removal and disposal of harmful materials, eliminating 1,600 yards of contaminated soil and three underground storage tanks.
Obtain regulatory compliance with a carbon neutral green remediation.
Help secure a $20,000 Cleanup Grant from the US EPA.
Educate local community about redevelopment efforts and its potential benefits.
Join in community building effort, with our employees assisting in the construction of HHEB's largest affordable-housing development.
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