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Product Stewardship
and Regulatory Assistance

Meeting Federal and state requirements
to get products to market

The Summary
We provide expertise in consumer product market trends and regulations, counseling our client on ways to adapt product formulations to meet Federal and state requirements, in support of a nationwide product launch.
The Client
An international consumer product manufacturing and distribution company
The Rundown
Delivered market-focused product research and regulatory screening and analysis for a Japanese consumer products company seeking to import cleaning products into the US for nationwide distribution and sale.
Evaluated relevant US import rules related to the product and built a product regulatory profile focused on relevant environmental and safety requirements.
Analyzed regulatory and market-based restrictions and prohibitions related to chemical contents, identifying critical rules that would have severely limited products sales in some states.
Developed a White Paper analyzing ongoing consumer demand in the US for products with environmentally preferable characteristics and how to meet that demand.
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