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Who We Are

About Us

AlterEcho is a team of dedicated professionals showing companies of every size how to transform their environment, giving them the knowledge to plan, the inspiration to act and the vision to grow in an increasingly competitive and environmentally sensitive world.

Long before the age of corporate responsibility and corn-fueled hybrids, AlterEcho's biologists, geologists, chemists and engineers were at the forefront of ecological awareness, developing a deep knowledge and unique understanding of the relationship between business and environmental stewardship. We're focused on solutions that bring those concepts together in harmony.

AlterEcho, a division of TechLaw, Inc., helps our clients develop and manage the skills, systems and support needed to take the strategic steps that not only drive bottom-line growth, but also enhance our environment. It's an environment we like to call Home.

How we do what we do

  • Assess and evaluate where you are and develop goals and objectives; we make use of our continual learning
  • Develop processes, procedures and actions needed to reach goals and objectives
  • Implement initiatives and programs
  • Assess results and recommend further actions
  • Identify new goals and start the process again